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Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch

01/31/2017 17:14

Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 WatchThe Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch is a must-have for those who seek vibrant vividness within a minimalist design, minus the worries that usually accompany wearing the watch.

The large Trefoil on the Santiago's face and its three-hand design make it a model meant for the high street fashions though primarily, it’s built for the playgrounds. Whether you are practicing or at the finals, the Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch always stays with you.

The Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch is a sweet deviation from the digital faces that are so common in today’s sports world. Adidas creates a modern-looking watch in a different way and represents a good value for money.

The Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch can be used either by men or women; it’s unisex. It stops at the fine line from where things start getting big and bulky and therefore, suitable for varying wrist sizes.

The deeply grooved straps of the Adidas Duramo Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch are a sight to see! It is really comfortable with a super yet soft grip. It is the same colour as with the watch-case, hands and the dial, which makes things very fluid overall.

The watch face bursts out with the white on blue combo, a very high contrast yet with smoothed edges. There are no hour-markers, which makes things come up more rounded. The white central Trefoil provides a bright background for the blue hands; it ensures you never read the time wrongly. .The watch is waterproof which is brilliant up to a little more than a hundred feet under water. The movement is quiet and in a completely silent room, you can hear the faint ticking.

Meant to go with every kind of sportswear including tracksuits, the Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch is very stylish and different from others. The bezel is a medium-wide blue plastic moulded into the case and with engraved minute markers. It adds a strong feel to the overall appearance of the watch and also helps to protect the acrylic crystal covering the dial.

The case too is made from plastic, but it is the composite plastic or ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) that is capable of taking great impacts and stand really rough abrasions. That sturdiness is essential for sports use plus, they also absorb some of the shocks to make the Japanese movement inside face lesser intensity.

The Adidas Duramo XL Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch is therefore, suited for all the dirty jobs where you also need to keep a check on time. From washing your vehicle to repairs and even doing the dishes, with the Adidas Santiago Analog Quartz ADH6169 Watch, you’ll never feel that you are exposing your wrist-wear to something you are not meant to.