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Bulova Marine Star Chronograph 98B201 Mens Watch

11/09/2015 10:53

Bulova Marine Star Chronograph 98B201 Mens WatchFor those who want it in short:

The Bulova Marine Star Chronograph 98B201 is a 5-star watch at the given price point. You do not usually get such a good mix in beige, gun metal and black; they bring this Bulova Marine Star Chronograph a distinctive, great look. At 44mm, everything about it is prominent and extraordinarily legible. As accurate as a good quartz watch can be, it also comes with a lume that’s better than average.

For those who want to go the length:

Bulova has always designed state of the art timepieces and here is yet another one that undeniably spells a s-t-u-n-n-e-r! This high-performance introduction in the luxury timepiece sector is a stellar addition to Bulova's Marine Star line of watches; a perfectly sporty watch with exact and precise detailing on it. Imagine how a chocolate cookie delighted you during your tender years; the Bulova Marine Star Chronograph 98B201 Mens Watch brings a similar feel! This is the most solid reason why you feel so enamoured with this particular Marine Star model.

The Bulova Marine Star Chronograph 98B201 Mens Watch is fairly lightweight and quite slim, if compared to others built for the same purpose. A totally unique appearance, the Bulova Marine Star Chronograph 98B201 Mens Watch is much warmer to look at than with polished stainless steel or some other shining metal. Bulova decided to bring on this warm look with grey and beige/ivory-tone paired together. It’s a colour combo not to be found all that often. The matte finish is a different approach from Bulova that doesn’t fit the norm. It comes from the ion-plating on stainless steel. However, Cheap Bulova Watches opted for design changes recently, so the three-pronged logo is not present on this.

The chronograph function from Bulova speaks about its quartz accuracy lineage. Plenty precise, it can measure time up to 60 minutes once you kick off the chronograph. It does the watch a great deal of favour, by adding an extra bit of functionality for the wearer’s benefit.

The face layout comprises three sub-dials; the small-seconds hand at 6 o’clock, a 24-hr indicator at 3 and the chronograph-minute indicator at 9. The 6’o clock sub-dial is independent from the Mens Bulova Watch mechanism while the 24-hours indicator is good for setting things back after a battery replacement. Or, if you are working away from the sunlight for days, weeks or months. But keeping aside the functionality, it balances the layout very well, aesthetically. Just a date window wouldn’t look half as good.

The Discount Bulova Watches are more of a fun chronograph watch as evident from its design and colour scheme and not a regular work-wear or a dressy chronograph. It’s meant for light to medium sports usage, both on land and in water. It is surprising the way such a delicate looking watch holds on the face of adversities.