Orient automatic dive watch

Orient Diver's Automatic Watch

06/05/2013 09:48

Orient Automatic FEM75005R Mens WatchOne of my friends loved the Orient Diver’s automatic watch on my wrist so much that although he does not swim or dive, he went out and bought it just for the sheer pleasure it gave him.

For the uninitiated, the Orient watches are manufactured in Japan (not in China) and one of the reasons most people love these watches is their sheer accuracy. The accuracy of the Orient watch comes from parts all of which are built from scratch within the Orient factory – no outsourced kits.

What it is: The Orient Diver’s automatic watch is a well designed, heavy, chunky Orient watches and feels it will last you a lifetime. It has numerous dive related features all of which are easily accessible, accurate and work very well. You can wear it while swimming, diving, driving or even to a party – it fits right in. It is a deep dive, i.e. saturation dive watch and can officially work at depths of up to 300 meters. I and my friends though, have taken it to almost twice that depth and it didn’t miss a tick. It is also quite expensive but well worth the price.

What it isn’t: The Orient m force watch is not some flimsy cheap metallic crap normally sold on the World’s footpath. It does not contain mismatched parts outsourced from a dozen watch component manufacturers with no concept of quality.

The Orient mako watch watch oozes power. It says a lot about the person wearing it – that he (or she) is a fearless individual who dares to go where most would dread. It also says a lot about the financial status of the person wearing it.

The meat: If you have worn a deep dive watch, you probably know that it comes with a gas release valve (to release gas build up as the diver surfaces). This as you will know, is a damn nuisance because not only did you have to look after yourself, you also had to look after your dive watch as well.

The Orient Mens watches changes all that! No release valve. The 46 x 16mm corrosion resistant watch case is fitted tighter than the proverbial ducks arse – it is so tight that there is negligible helium build up and hence, no need for a gas release valve.

The 4mm Sapphire crystal is scratch resistant and comes with an anti-reflective coating that makes it ultra clear. The watch dial is easy to read even in the depths of the ocean. The watch case is corrosion resistant and is connected to a tapered, double polish metallic bracelet that can be adjusted. So even if you are wearing a dive suit, you can adjust the bracelet size (up to an inch either way) so it fits over your dive suit.

The watch bezel is smooth and highly functional without the play and rattle of cheaper dive watches. The numbers and markers are engraved and the bezel finish is gunmetal gray. The dial has large submariner styled hour markers coated with a highly effective luminous chemical. I also liked the fact that the date window is placed at the 9 O’clock position and the minute hand is clearly larger than the hour hand (very important in dim lighting conditions)). There is of course, also the power indicator.

So if you are looking for something that is accurate and highly functional in the deep or something to merely impress the hell out of your buddies, the Orient women watches & Women does it in style.

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