Orient automatic dive watch

Exceptional Quality of Stunning Orient Automatic Watches

01/19/2015 15:02

Orient Classic AutomaticOrient Watch Company has been consistent with delivering an exceptional quality along with stunning looks ever since its beginning in 1950. Over six decades of expertise has bettered their quality, cost and accuracy but more than everything, it’s their reputation for excellence!

This trustworthiness and affordability comes due to the manufacturer putting in the money behind labs and researches, contrary to many other costlier ones spending on advertisements and marketing. The finish and design of the Orient watches exceeds a customer’s needs, demands and their expectations beyond, becoming the best economic diver to a large demographic of users.

The exceptional quality of the stunning Orient watches makes them real lookers on the wrists. If anything exudes class and quality without burning a hole through the pocket, it’s invariably the Orient. They are so impeccably finished, it would be ridiculous to expect anything more out of them. Orient simply makes some brilliant timepieces at incredibly low prices!

Concentrating on the various components of a Orient watch, the dials are visually striking and mostly got a metallic touch producing a rotating shimmer at specific angles. There shall always be a finely engraved (not printed) logo atop the dial and the touch is something more than nice, at this price point. It’s very well executed and gives the watch an exceptional visual quality, or you might just call it – Classy!

Steel or gold or black ion-plated, all come with an extra bit of shine, which also speaks of its quality and a very high level of finish. The hands and indexes almost always come well-lumed (except in some high-end dress models), but even if they are not in a particular model, there’s enough shine to make it stand out and appear exquisite when hit with the lights. That increases visibility for real thin hour, minute and seconds hands. The shine is bright, not overpowering.

The case of the Orient watches have everything about them just right. They look and feel tremendous against the skin or off it; the comfortable heft growing on you right after wearing one for the first time. Brushed, polished and a little bit of both, the Orient Diver Automatic Mens Watches cases mix the finishes very well and they usually stay that way for a lifetime. Every transition to a different surface is seamless.

Atop the case are either sapphire or mineral crystals; now, that varies with the price yet not going over the affordability borderline. They do not get dirty or greasy and catch fingerprints easily; that’s a quality found in costlier watches. Orient gives it without robbing you off.

Finally, the movements. Orient always uses in-house Orient calibers, a very big selling point that Orient has. They build the movement entirely at their own facilities, which helps them develop high-end stuff at a lower price. This reflects on the overall watch price. Orient movements are extremely sturdy, reliable and exceptionally accurate. So, if you are getting an Orient, you are getting a well-engineered solution without paying an insane price.