Orient automatic dive watch

Extensive and Superlative Orient Diver's Automatic Watches

05/01/2014 14:26

Orient Diver's Automatic WatchesThe watch market is full of automatic diver's watches, but the superlative Orient Diver's Automatic watches are a cut above the rest. The extensive range of the Orient Mako series is by far the most popular among watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. And, rightly so - the Orient Mako, besides the affordable price, is a great looking watch that can be worn on a swim or at a business meet with equal ease.

The Orient Mako's water resistance capability up to a depth of 200 meters classifies this as a diver's automatic, though it is ideal for your scuba dives or surfing trips. Add to that the stainless steel case and bracelet with a scratch proof sapphire crystal and you have a superlative timepiece that is also sturdy as it is beautiful.

When it comes to quality, Orient is the best. Right from the individual parts down to the assembly of the watch, everything is handled in-house at the company's factory. You won't find mismatched parts or a tacky design in an Orient Diver's Automatic. You are always assured of superlative Orient Diver's Automatic watches that maintain the standards for accuracy, durability and of course, quality.

Apart from the very popular Orient Mako range, the Orient M-Force is another series of superlative Orient Diver's Automatic watches. These are the upper range models that are impressively built but slightly pricey. With masculine looks, these are solid, chunky watches with big dials fit comfortably on the wrist. Large dials with luminous hands and markers make it easy to read the time even in faint light. Also, the dial of the watch has a clearly legible, uncluttered look.

Orient M-Force diver's automatic watches are truly a force to reckon with. They are built with added features as compared to other Orient m force watch. The watch case made of stainless steel is built to withstand shocks associated with diving and other high action sports. This superlative Orient Diver's Automatic watch is also anti-magnetism certified.

There is also the Orient M-Force 200m Titanium which, as you would guess is made up of titanium casing material. Titanium though lighter than stainless steel is strong and is also resistant to sea water corrosion. Besides the day and date feature, other useful features in the M-Force series include a power reserve indicator, 40 hour power reserve, hack feature for accurate setting and a manual winding capability. The Orient M-Force is a true example of superlative Orient Diver's automatic watches.

Superlative Orient Mako automatic watches are reasonably priced, considering the useful features they offer. You can expect great quality from Orient of Japan. Not only that, the company has earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality timepieces that are durable, accurate and reliable.