Orient automatic dive watch

Extremely Reliable and Affordable Orient Automatic Diver Watches

04/02/2014 15:58

The Orient brand name is highly popular and known for extremely reliable and affordable Orient Automatic Diver watches. The watch is no longer simply a timekeeping device; Orient’s automatic diver watches also serve as diving gear. Take for example the Orient Automatic 300M Professional Diver EL02002B Mens Watch. It is the perfect blend of style, beauty and dive utility. Available at a price below $1000 at downunderwatches.com, this is an extremely reliable and affordable Orient Automatic Diver watch.

Orient is known for producing extremely reliable timepieces. They have gained this reputation over the years because all parts and movements used in their watches are manufactured in-house. This watch company does not believe in sourcing the parts from outside. As a result, they are always able to maintain the quality to the best of standards. The Orient Automatic 300M Professional Saturation Diver watch is 300m water resistant and comes with stainless steel case and bracelet.

Orient automatic diver watches are made keeping in mind the needs of the user. Diver watches are generally constructed in stainless steel casing and bracelets which have an extensible buckle so it can easily be worn over a dive suit. Anti-reflective coating makes it easy to read the details on the watch face in all lighting conditions.

Affordability is another factor that defines Orient automatic diver watches. While the 300M Professional Saturation Diver costs more than a grand, there are other Orient automatic diver watches that are priced below $200 which is certainly affordable for the average man on the street. The Orient Orca is not a professional diver’s automatic, but being up to 100m water resistant it can be worn while on a swim or shallow dive. It is a beautifully designed watch that not only looks good, but is extremely reliable and being priced way below $200 is of course, affordable too.

Orient Mako Automatic Diver watch usually have a sapphire crystal which is scratch resistant. Anti-reflective coating on the watch face ensures you can read the time easily in the water. Luminous hands and markers on the Orient Orca allow you to read time even in the dark. This well designed Orient automatic diver’s watch can also take the bumps and shocks associated with any kind of sporting activity, be it swimming, biking or hiking. Not only that, the good looking Orient Orca can also be worn to a party or to work – it fits right in.

The Orient Mako Automatic Mens Watch is another popular range of watches that offer very affordable and extremely reliable timepieces. The Orient Mako is a sturdy diver’s automatic watch made up of stainless steel casing and bracelet. It is water resistant up to a depth of 200m thus qualifying as a dive watch but not meant for professional deep sea diving. Considering the price, the Orient Mako range of watches being highly functional, elegant and accurate, do justice to Orient’s reputation known for quality timepieces.

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