Orient automatic dive watch

Highly Popular And Durable Orient Diver Watches

09/01/2014 11:30
There are not too many who can sufficiently enjoy an automatic  timepiece and its classic appeal. Those who do, hold the Orient diver  watches in high regards. What started in the ‘60s as a concept under the  name of King Diver turned into a legend by 2003. The Orient  professional diver watches – as the watch-nerd world knows it – easily  sets an example of unique know-how and what affordable high-end product  engineering should be.

Orient’s passion for the  underwaters are reflected from the special case designs they make; these  prevent most of the helium gas from entering the watch; for the rest,  there are the helium gas release valve. Together with an ISO-compliant,  shock-absorbing structure, Orient ensures your watch gives you a  rock-solid performance, be it the movement or the watch as a whole. This  has become a norm with Orient and the factor behind the brand’s  popularity in the Divers’ community.

Orient’s Diver  watches are made to fit into a broad range of usage, not just  underwater. The stylish, up-market designs make them fit into anything  in, on and off the waters; it has often been noticed – with a fair bit  of awe – how the water-resistance levels suit a broad range of usage.  Just one diver watch from Orient can cater to professional diving,  marine sports, pool side drool and everyday work. If you are worried  about wet conditions, Orient sports watch bring you your much needed peace of mind.

Orient’s  diver series climbed to the top of popularity among professionals but  things didn’t stop just there. In their quest for how to make the best  better, Orient keeps stretching their durability, precision and  water-resistance factors, so that you don’t get bitten by the panic bug  amidst some serious business, be it on the surface level or deep down  under. The Orient Diver watch ensures your scuba diving plans during  your vacations to the sea-sides do not nosedive and those sweet memories  of yours get as timeless as your Orient Diver watch. Sporty art with a  lot of substantiality – that’s one of the best ways to rate your Orient  Diver.

Orient sports Automatic watch run on mechanical movements, which is your insurance against abrupt  stopping of the watch and getting you confused on your oxygen reserves  underwater. You measure that with the unidirectional rotating bezel, a  feature that accompanies every Orient Diver watch. Other prominent  features are the screwdown crowns (these ensure not even a droplet of  water gets through to the other side), amazingly bright lume and a  massive power reserve that keeps you running for nearabout a couple of  days once fully wound. Together with double-locking clasps, buy an  Orient Diver watch to add both fun and protection to your fun and frolic  on the sand and in the sea!