Orient automatic dive watch

Nice Functionality and Ruggedly Design Orient M-Force Watches

06/30/2014 16:33

Orient Mako AutomaticA universal feeling amongst watch lovers the world over is if you find an Orient M-Force, just buy it. No other automatic watch under $200 can get you all those useful bells and whistles and the thing is - they last long. And to top that all, they feel pleasantly-heavy and very comfortable on the wrist.

This story of authenticity and forcefulness dates back to 1997 and it is something the watches still retain, unlike many which lost their quality over time. The new M-FORCE watches inherit the concepts that drove its predecessors and the same smart ruggedness coming from its special structure. Everything is ISO compliant; from the water and shock resistance to the anti-magnetic properties. Despite being authentic diver watches, the M-FORCE is a blend in excellent designs and high functionalities, which turns it into an ideal watch for everyday use. The Orient 40N5A caliber movement is also built keeping the casual wearer in mind; it can run as long as you want it to unless you deliberately throw it under the truck wheels.

The recent amongst the newer M-Force models is the Air Diver that steals the show. A worthy bearer of the rich, M-Force heritage, it is not just built nicely and given the strength to withstand, but also a piece with very high readability; even its offset, power-reserve indicator with to the bright luminescent material. An all stainless steel construction (even the 120-clicks bezel) and a stark black/white color contrast are indeed a choice of men dealing with the rougher sides of life. Its enticingly bold presence has an uncanny sleekness about it, the kind that goes anywhere and not just the deep waters or the hot sand.

Whoever with a bit of luxury in mind shall find the Orient M-Force Titanium an extremely likeable piece, for which you don't have to pay through the nose. It meets the ISO-standards the other Orient M Force Watch alike, but its chief advantage is its extreme lightness, something you need most when you are swimming under water. The Titanium enhances its comfort credentials by several folds and also its longevity. That's because the metal is highly resistant to chemical corrosion (seawater is very corrosive). But then again, if you like steel, the new M-Force has quite a bit of that too, which is the bezel. Steel on Titanium pairs solidly and resists impacts all too well. The sapphire crystal topping the dial is also another component that adds to both its ruggedness and style.

However, if you want something simpler without cutting out on the M-Force goodness, try the Orient Classic Automatic or the Orient Divers Sports Automatic M-Force. These two are as functional as their newer cousins and equally rugged too.