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Nixon Sentry Quartz A356-230-00 Men’s Watch: Simpleton gets Trendy!

04/11/2018 14:46

Nixon Sentry Quartz A356-230-00 Men’s WatchA reason to own

The Nixon Sentry Quartz A356-230-00 Men’s Watch is a fine example of the Nixon philosophy, which is – according to the brand - Focused on making the little stuff better! The Sentry, indeed, is a Nixon creation that not just reflects the brand’s unique point of view, but also the heritage-influenced style serving as the brand’s bread and butter.

Why the Sentry stands out?

Nixon’s attempts had been non-stop towards getting things right about a regular wear watch that’s flashier than normal but not bling. What resulted is a classically good-looking timepiece with a touch of pep. The Nixon Sentry Quartz A356-230-00 Men’s Watch entered to redefine the timeless 42 mm size with a design that carries a modern twist. Nixon’s signature faceted applied hour indices are what we mean.

The Nixon Sentry Quartz A356-230-00 Men’s Watch is somewhat like a watch one would custom-build! Its functionality and design are moulded into one another, through painstaking steps, emphasizing upon the possibilities.

Its robust build! It brings the Nixon Sentry Quartz A356-230-00 Men’s Watch quite a bit of a dandy charm. It’s a well-thought blend of strategic and restrained handsomeness. Its design details work out to be immensely effective; dress- or semi-casual, the Nixon Sentry Quartz A356-230-00 Men’s Watch displays a superior, forceful style which is also soothing simultaneously. Nixon’s expert craftsmanship shaped its inners after taking under consideration everything out and around.

Nixon: A digress

From the late nineties, Nixon started making real good sports watches in California at a very friendly price. They still create the zero-compromise watches. Design, finish, material and build-quality are the four pillars upon which, Nixon stands. The other three factors are fashion-forward aesthetics, an unconfined robustness and foremost layout designs.

Back to the point

The Nixon Sentry Quartz A356-230-00 Men’s Watch is a logical collaboration between outdoors and urbanity, with very subtle touches of the wild frontiers. It is posited right at the juncture of these three crossing each other’s path at a common point.

Its solid, 2-piece stainless steel case ensures ruggedness and therefore, maximum usability. It’s fixed bezel is bit raised to protect the mineral crystal from breaking upon falling on hard surfaces. The recessed mineral crystal receives almost no damage even under high-intensity impacts.

Nixon Mens Watches uses a triple-gasket fitted crown. It has a blue enamel top and is made from pure stainless steel, grooved finely to ensure a tight grip. It has a screw-down case-back, spring pin lugs and a Miyota Japanese quartz 3-hand movement. It’s accurate to the dot and tough as a nut!

The reliability and hardiness of the Nixon Sentry Chrono Quartz Men’s Watch is also due to its 24 mm custom solid stainless steel bracelet. The faceted, 3-link weave brings stronger integrity multiplied by the double-locking clasp system. It allows for micro adjustments, so your watch does not hang loose and bump at every corner or object you come across.