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Orient Automatic 100M WR Perpetual Calendar FEU07004UX Mens Watch

10/02/2015 11:00

Orient Automatic Mens WatchEver had butterflies in your stomach thinking of setting schedules for an absolutely important event that you can’t let go pass? Flipping the pages of a calendar or turning your computer on or using your cell phone takes time; how about a device that brings you all the dates and days at your fingertips? The Orient Automatic 100M WR Perpetual Calendar FEU07004UX Mens Watch does just that and despite its useful features and functions, is an out of the box timepiece that stuns an onlooker right away! Love it, hate it but you can’t ignore it. Ever!

The Orient Mens Watches are an instant solution to answering any sort of day and date related questions. Practical down to its deepest core, it’s a watch that does more than just telling time. It’s rather unique that way and if you are asking how many years can it count, know it is set for the next two decades; i.e. 20 years.

True, some might say it has a rather busy dial, but none of it is for show. Apart from that

Fancy yet utilitarian calendar function run by an in-house automatic movement (which is Orient’s patent feature), it sports a sapphire crystal, a screw-down crown and case back, 100 meters of water resistance and lumed hands and indices. Time telling function is just like any other normal Orient Sports Watch, with the seconds-hand sharing the axis of the hour and minute hands.

Now, that’s a standard list of specs and you bet there’s no other watch that comes close to it as far as the looks are concerned. It’s a step above the standard perpetual calendar watches, which lack the ability to pin-point a given day and date on demand. If you are a busy man running by schedules set in advance, you’ll find the Automatic Orient Watches an absolutely essential piece.

Some also might pose the question: Doesn’t that make the movement bit complicated for servicing too? True, but only if you take it to a roadside watch repairer; with Orient service centres, you can stay rest assured they know their stuff.

So, here’s to the vital question – does it make for a good, first time automatic? Orient has this strange reputation of suiting every person from every walk of life who is looking to buy his first automatic and something this exotic is definitely going to prove a damn good choice. True, there are other mechanicals from the brand but they will be either too formal or too bulky for the person shifting from the quartz domain. Besides, it’s a very compelling price to features ratio that anyone shall be comfortable with.