Orient automatic dive watch

Orient Automatic Divers Men's Watch

08/19/2013 19:33

Today, automatic diver’s men’s watches are reasonably priced so you don’t need to spend a packet to get a decent one for your collection. Orient Watches are the perfect example – they put together a decent timepiece that is reliable, accurate and practical. Orient Automatic Divers Mens Watches have everything you would look for in a divers watch. And, with affordable prices along with great looks and functionality, these men’s watches give the competitors a run for their money.

The Japanese Orient Watch Company has been making Orient star watch for more than fifty years. The company manufactures its own movements that have a reputation for accuracy and reliability. Additionally, the Orient Automatic Divers Mens Watches are usually large, heavy, shiny and functional with a generous dose of masculinity, sure to appeal to successful men with an active lifestyle. Not that all Orient m force watch look masculine; there are divers watches that also come in the traditional classic design that spells elegance and beauty.

Orient Automatic Divers Mens watches are meant for professional as well as recreational divers and offer a number of useful features. Take for example the Orient Diver Automatic Saturation Diver CFD0C001B, which is water resistant up to a depth of 300 meters. In this saturation diver’s watch, the watch case is tightly shut, doing away with the need for a helium release valve. Additionally, the thick steel case with the 4-5 mm thick crystal makes it water resistant – the perfect choice for a professional diver.

Sea water tends to corrode anything that comes in contact with it. Orient Automatic Divers Mens watches use corrosion resistant material making them the ideal choice for the serious diver. Most of the automatic diver watches have an extension bracelet that increases one size to fit over your diving suit. The Orient Automatic Power Reserve takes the convenience a step further, offering an adjustable clasp that fits over your diving suit and locks into place enabling you to size the watch strap as you like it.

The dials of the Orient Classic Mens Watch, being the most important part, are well designed and legible. The hands and hour markers are luminescent and the clear face of the dial makes it easy to tell the time even in poor light. The dial also features a minute marker ring that is an essential element for a diver’s watch. A well-appointed bezel with engraved markers and hour indicators add to the beauty of the Orient Automatic Divers Mens watch.

A majority of the automatic divers watches feature the day and date which can be adjusted with the help of a crown situated at the side of the case. Being automatic mechanical movement, the Orient Automatic Divers Mens watches do not require a battery to function; simply wear the watch and it gets powered up with the movement of your hand.

Combining elegance, style and functionality, the Orient Mako Automatic Mens Watch is good value for your money. Use it for a party or while on a deep sea dive, the Orient Automatic Divers watch doesn’t fail to impress.

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