Orient automatic dive watch

Orient Automatic Mako Dive Mens Watch

11/26/2013 12:58

Orient Mako Automatic Mens WatchEvery manufacturer has a ‘war horse’ product meaning a particular product that is highly popular and brings in the maximum revenue for the company. The Orient Mako Dive Watch for men is one such product.

Introduced almost 10 years ago, the Orient Mako Automatic Diver watch for men was an instant hit. Its medium sized (41 mm) dial resulted in a medium sized (46 mm external size) watch that fit and looked good on most men. Day or night the watch was easy to read and more importantly, accurate. Its day and date too were sufficiently large so you didn’t feel the need to squint at it. Its water and shock resistant characteristics ensured the watch could be used at work or at play.

But perhaps the most important reason this watch caught on and is still the leading favourite, is the clear, well designed flow lines. From beach party to birthday party, the watch looked good and blended in no matter what the occasion.

A little known fact is that Orient of Japan is the subsidiary of Seiko Epson Corporation of Japan. Seiko and Epson of course are leading manufacturers of quality watches and printers. Seiko itself is well known for its Seiko brand watches and is one of the most quality conscious watch manufacturers. Quality is so deeply ingrained that Orient makes its own watch parts. This ensures strict adherence to quality and that everything fits well.

The Orient Mako Automatic Mens Watch is housed in a stainless steel case with polished sides and brushed uppers, pusher and crown. Traditional to the core, the crown in the Orient Mako men’s dive watch is located at the 3 o’clock position and is protected from accidental use. In line with tradition, the crown is used to adjust the date and time. There is also a separate pusher for the day display.

Although the Orient Mako is categorized as a dive watch, its 200-meter water resistance does not qualify it for anything more than skin dives and shallow water dives. The Orient Mako automatic watch sports a 60-click unidirectional bezel. The 60 clicks are for the 60 minutes set at 10 minute intervals. The bezel of the Orient Mako Mens dive watch comes in various colours ranging from metal grey to green, red and even black. Amazingly, the dial too comes in a variety of colours including bright yellow and bright red.

Unlike almost all watches, indention on the bezel of the Orient Mako makes it easy to grip (especially underwater) or when wearing gloves. The lugs are well engineered and curve downward. This results in a firm grip of the wrist and keeps the watch centred on the wrist. Again as with the medium sized dial, the lugs too (47.1 mm) are medium sized and fit all wrist sizes comfortably. The Orient Company seems to have thought of everything in a great detail. From the design, to size to the accuracy of the watch, everything is well engineered which perhaps explains why the Orient mako diver watch is so popular even today.