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Orient Automatic Power Reserve Men’s Watch

09/25/2013 15:37

Orient Automatic Power Reserve Mens WatchOrient of Japan has many automatic power reserve men’s watch models you could choose from. These range from classical designs to chunky, large dialled ultra modern chronographs.

Essentially, an “automatic’ ‘power reserve” watch means it not only self-winds or generates electrical current to recharge its battery, it also retains the charge for several weeks or months. Mechanical automatics are essentially self-winding i.e. they wind the spring via a delicate system of wheels that use the motion of the users hand to rotate and wind the spring. A mechanical automatic may use two or more springs to store enough energy to last several days.

A quartz automatic on the other hand (depending on the design of the watch), will use hand movement to convert the kinetic energy into electrical energy which is then used to automatically recharge the battery. Some Orient Classic Automatic CER1P001G convert solar energy into electrical energy to recharge the battery.

The Need for Automatic power reserve men’s watch

Many men especially those that worked on oil rigs and other high-risk locations, have an “on-off” work schedule i.e. they work a certain number of days and then are sent home for the same number of days. When they work, they are busy and often work 18-hour loads. When they are “off duty” they tend to sleep it off for a few days. These men found it advantageous to have a watch that would self-wind and essentially continue working and keeping accurate time even when the user slept. Thus, out of this necessity was born the need for an Orient Classic Automatic CER1P001G Mens Watch. Orient of Japan was amongst the first watch companies to develop such a watch.

Men that worked regular hours too liked this watch because it meant they did not have to remind themselves to wind the watch.

The Orient Mako Automatic Mens Watch was especially liked because it kept accurate time, did not need to be wound up and did not need a battery replacement i.e. the watch never had to be opened. This was a good thing because once the watch innards are exposed, dust and other pollutants settle on the delicate parts and the functioning of the watch begins to slowly degrade.

One Company Many Models

Orient of Japan makes many models of Orient Mako Mens Watch. There’s a design for everyone. Men can chose from simple time keeping watches to automatic power reserve men’s watch with day, date and a host of other useful functions.

There’s a watch model for every category from airline pilots to divers to race car drivers. There are even automatic power reserve men’s watch for the rich and famous. These watches are lined with real diamonds and the case and bracelet is gold plated.

No matter what your liking, Orient of Japan has a automatic power reserve watch for you and one that will also suit your budget. So if you are looking for an Orient Classic Automatic Mens Watch, choose Orient; you just can’t go wrong with an Orient.