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Orient Automatic Semi-Skeleton Men’s Watch

09/12/2013 05:41

Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton Mens WatchSome men love to watch a fish tank; others love to watch some machinery yet others love to watch the precise movements of a robot. Similarly, there are a significant percentage of men who love to see the precise hypnotic movement of a mechanical watch. For them, the orient automatic semi-skeleton men’s watch is a dream come true.

The Orient automatic semi-skeleton men’s watch is a beautifully designed watch with a half transparent window usually located at the back of the watch. The transparent back of the watch allows the user to see the moving parts of the watch which many find very fascinating.

Contrary to what one might assume, the innards of a watch especially the Orient Classic Mens Watch, is very precisely laid out. Unlike cheap Chinese watches, there is no jumble of gears or springs. Every little part is precisely laid out and every little movement precise and leading to the next until finally, the second hand, the minute hand and the house hand moves in regular clockwork precisions.

Orient Watch Company of Japan is of course well known for manufacturing all the watch components itself. It does not outsource the parts and limit itself to mere assembly like most other watch manufacturers do. The 100% in-house watch manufacturing process ensures a very high standard of quality which in turn ensures a very accurate watch.

The ‘automatic’ in the Orient Classic Automatic Mens Watch of course refers to the automatic capture of kinetic energy resulting from the movement of the user’s wrist. This energy is used to wind up the watch spring which in turn powers the movement within. The ‘automatic’ therefore, is the automatic winding up of the spring. Needless to say, this is something that requires precision and careful assembly which also explains why Orient manufactures all the watch parts itself.

The Orient Classic Automatic watch is available in several models and there’s one for every age group and profession. You can choose between classic looks that bring to life yesteryears quiet elegance and modern day sophistication with a variety of functions to satisfy the most die-hard technically minded person. There are Orient automatic semi-skeleton men’s watches for sports persons and airline pilots. There are Orient automatic semi-skeleton men’s watch for the young and the old, the rich and the famous as well as the economically minded folks. No matter what kind of features you like, there’s an Orient automatic semi-skeleton men’s watch for you to choose from.

Most of Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton Mens Watch have a large dial making it easy to read the time. The display hands and hour markers are well coated with luminous material and so easy to read in the dark. Orient automatic semi-skeleton men’s watch also comes with a mineral scratch resistant, non-glare glass making it easy to read even in a swimming pool speaking of which, the watch is water resistant up to depths of 100 m (330 feet).

Every Orient Automatic Semi Skeleton Sport watch is shipped with an international warranty so buy one and wear it with pride.

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