Orient automatic dive watch

Orient Mako Automatic Mens Watch

09/02/2013 17:16

Orient Mako Automatic CEM65001M Mens WatchThe Orient Watch Company of Japan is one of the top watchmakers in the world. Combining the classic design with the trendy, Orient watches are timeless pieces that you’d be proud to own. The Orient Mako Mens Watch is a part of the popular diver series collection of watches from Orient. Being water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters (660 feet), the Orient Mako Mens Watch is ideal for surfing or scuba diving. Yet, the bezel’s sporty look and the impressive design of the dial make it suitable for everyday wear.

Orient automatic watches features a two-level, screw-down crown for adjusting the time as well as the day and date. The screw-down crowns ensure that water does not enter the case. The shoulders on the crowns provide added protection in the water. Day and date indicators can be adjusted by pushing the crown at the 2 o’clock position while the second level crown adjusts the time. This automatic men’s watch features a unidirectional bezel that increases its functionality. You can adjust the time bezel with the minute hand, which makes it a useful tool on your dives. The luminescent hands and hour indicators on the dial of the Orient Mako Automatic present no difficulty in reading the time even in poor light conditions.

For those who prefer a sturdy feel, the Orient Mako Automatic Mens watch comes with a stainless steel band with a fold over push button clasp for added safety that also matches the stainless steel casing. Another option is the urethane band that goes extremely well with the black-dial version of this sleek time piece.

The Orient automatic dive watch has a classic appeal; with its mechanical movement which Orient is reputed for, it powers automatically with the movement of your wrist/arm. In other words, this watch functions without batteries and does not require winding.

Orient’s diver series of men’s watches are hugely popular, not only due to the reasonable prices, but also because of a wide variety of timepieces to choose from. Orient diver watches is available in a total of 8 variations of which four have metal bands and four with urethane bands. The variety lies in the dial and bezel colors. So you have the metal strap variants in black dial on a black bezel, a blue dial on a blue bezel, an orange dial on a black bezel and a blue dial on a blue/orange bezel. A similar choice of bezel and dial colors is available in the urethane strap range of the Orient Mako Automatic Mens Watch.

A combination of well designed looks and functionality make the Orient automatic watch an elegant accessory. The automatic movement not only guarantees excellent time keeping, it is also neatly designed, stylish and practical.

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