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Quality Construction and Highly Reliable Orient Star Watches

07/11/2014 15:16

Orient Star WatchesAmongst quite a few highly sought, elegant watches in today’s world, the Orient Star is one. But that doesn’t say anything about it; in fact, it is very difficult to express in words what an Orient Star actually is; you need to lay your hands on one to realize why watch nerds the world over go gaga on them.

First unleashed in 1951, this is the most distinguished brand from Orient Watches, all mechanical, all simple but with exquisite styles worthy of its stellar connotation. The lineup is diverse, the technology solid and designs that reflect the care given to every detail and aspect. That applies especially to the Vintage Skeleton Limited Edition, which even surpasses other Orient Star models from all the eight categories. However, there are just 1000 pieces of the LE available worldwide and if you have any fascination for gold-colored movements; go for it.

If you know about the other models, here is a brief account for each:

* STAR SKELETON: The flagship model of the Star collection, it’s a highly precise, hand-winding, hackable movement that runs the Orient star automatic Watch. An exquisite dual-layer structure that allows a view of the mechanism inside, it stores 50 hours worth of power once fully wound.

* GMT: The same Star but featuring a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) movement and displaying the official time for three different locations. It is highly functional and substantial for executives traveling frequently.

* RETROGRADE: The heritage of mechanicals and the sophistication of a newly added day indicator that goes back to the start from the end.

* SOMÈS x ORIENTSTAR: The semi-skeleton design puts in bridle leather from SOMES SADDLE, the one and only manufacturer of equestrian sports equipment in Japan. The leather strap is coated with wax to make it durable, soft and to prevent aging.

* OPEN HEART-TONNEAU: Another semi-skeleton model, its refinement in design and technology.

* OPEN HEART: Meant for adding the elegant touch to both casual and formal attire. The gleaming, partly cut dial combines maturity and playfulness in even proportions. A classic in a simple, clear-cut form.

* Orient star automatic : Elegant, domed-dial under a box crystal glass; if you are looking forward to refined quality, nothing offers more. A highly versatile design that bewitches right away under any situation.

* STANDARD-DATE: This comes with a super anti-reflective coating and reduces light reflecting from the dial by 99%. It has been applied on both sides of the sapphire crystal glass and the SAR is also a big protection from scratches, stains and poor visibility.

Unable to decide which one you want? Let our experts guide you towards the right choice. You’ll love it and we will love it, too.