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Seiko Chronograph Quartz SNA526P Men's Watch : Regalia Abound

09/13/2017 16:01

Seiko Chronograph Quartz SNA526P Men's WatchA classically-styled, elegant watch is not hard to come by; what matters is the amount of care and quality put into its making. The Seiko Chronograph Quartz SNA526P Men's Watch displays the prime criteria without effort and presents a row of very impressive specs.

Why should you buy it?

Strong opinions come by truckloads in the luxury watch industry and despite watch collectors’ tendencies to disagree with each other any given time; Seiko is one of the brands that most of them find easy to fall in love with. There are good reasons.

Seiko, for decades, rivaled the best in European horology world and has been influential throughout. Revered for precision, craftsmanship and flawless reproduction of old-school approaches, the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SNA526P Men's Watch has a great dial work and the quartz movement is a high-performance engine that consumes very little power.

Under and around the Hardlex:

No. The Seiko Chronograph Quartz SNA526P Men's Watch is not hand-assembled except for a few final touches, but the adjustments and related stuff are exclusively done by master watchmakers. The best way to check that is placing it beside another watch of similar price or maybe, a little higher than that. The overall quality will shine through! Perfect mirror finishes to the dull-but-gleaming, brushed surfaces; everything is incredibly sharp and clean!

The abundantly used gold-tone brings the Seiko Chronograph Quartz SNA526P Men's Watch a royal charm. It’s there on the hands and markers, around sub-dials; under the bezel, surrounding the case; in the middle-links of the bracelet and on the crown and the pushers. It’s this metered-abundance that keeps the watch from looking giddy. About the movement; well, Seiko uses its in-house, 7T62 quartz caliber, which also features alarm. The alarm dial can be used to track time in another zone. The alarm, however; functions only when the sub-dial time matches that in the main dial. The Seiko Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Men’s Watch mechanism displays time advancements in 1/5th seconds increment and can count up to 59 minutes and 59.8 seconds at a single go.

More words of praise

A Seiko watch, even in the entry levels, is highly accurate. So it will be a waste of time discussing how accurate the 7T62 caliber might be. Amongst the vast majority of quartz watches out there within the same price range, Seiko offers the least of potential accuracy, performance and reliability issues; even the worst Seiko quartz will win a better rating than almost every other fancy fashion watches. Best thing is, you do not have to be horology-educated to pick up the Seiko Lord Chronograph Men's Watch. This one is the surest way to end up with a watch that both looks good and is extremely accurate at a nominal price.