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Stuhrling Original Antilles Automatic Skeleton 773.01 Mens Watch

04/15/2016 12:30

Stuhrling Original AscotWhen it comes to attractively designed, mechanical, dressy timepieces within a shoestring budget, nothing beats Stuhrling Original automatics. They are the choices of the discerning men to whom, watches are more than just functional accessories that show time. Ask anyone who is even this bit style-conscious and you will hear applauds they will make about the brand. With an authentically Swiss root that dates back to the late 19th century; however, that’s the least you can expect.

Now, Stuhrling also has another identity, which is the link between Max Stuhrling (the founder) and Louis Audemars (of Audemars Piguet). Max Stuhrling was the protégé of Louis Audemars, so now you have a fair idea about why Stuhrling watches are held at high regards, despite fitting the common man’s budget.

The stark difference you’ll notice here is that Stuhrling, despite the luxurious designs and an impeccable quality, doesn’t cost the average man's annual salary. Thus, when the surge came about in mechanical watch-making in the 1990's, Stuhrling’s popularity soared sky high as Max Stuhrling IV, the great grandson of the founder of the brand, got back into the old family business to re-establish its former legacy. The Stuhrling Original Antilles Automatic Skeleton 773.01 Mens Watch saw the daylights because of this resurgence and showed the world the economic side of watch-making excellence.

The other name by which it is known is the Regatta Antilles. This luxurious diver belongs to Stuhrling’s Aquadiver collection. Completely automatic, its construction in 316L surgical grade stainless steel leaves nothing to guesswork. So does its skeleton dial, through which you can catch the movement in action. Again, guesswork totals to zero!

That much said; let’s see what else the Stuhrling Original Classic Cuvette has on offer.

First of all, it’s a mechanical, calibre ST-90050, self-winding movement. Stuhrling uses ST as the prefix to all its movements, which are mostly the modified forms of Seagull and Shanghai movements. However, in the case of Antilles, it is a 20-jewel, Liaocheng standard movement, distributed by PTS Resources in Hong Kong.

Next comes the screw-down crown, which is an insurance against any humidity seeping in.

At the top, is a Krysterna crystal protecting the dial and surrounded by a coin-edged bezel offering a firm grip while turning and the triple-row link bracelet with a fold-over push-button clasp adds makes for a very safe wearing. That’s very much required, especially when you are more than 300 meters down under the water surface and amidst some very jagged, rocky projections.

Stuhrling has proved one thing for sure; luxury is not synonymous to fragility. The Regatta Antilles is ruggedly built both from inside and outside; let its finely crafted details fool you not. It’s exquisite and its ruggedness is a major contributing factor.