Orient automatic dive watch

Stunning Look and Exceptionally Designed Orient Blue Mako Mens Watch

06/12/2014 11:09
The  stunning looks and exceptional design of the Orient Blue Mako Mens  Watch make it one of the most highly recommended and well liked watches. 

Although it is a diver's watch, the dazzling blue color of the watch  dial just stands out and makes it a classy accessory that goes equally  well with dressy attire.

The  dazzling blue dial of the Orient Blue Mako has everything to do with  its stunning looks. It is basically a simple three hands dive watch that  also shows the day and date at the 3 o'clock position. The 41mm case is  neither too big nor too small – just the right size. It sports a  matching dark blue unidirectional bezel with a coin-like edge. The hour  and minute hands are in the shape of a sword while the seconds hand has a  red colored tip that stands out among the white markers and stunning  blue dial.

An  exceptionally designed Blue Mako Mens' watch is made of a tough,  polished stainless steel case material while the face is covered with a  mineral crystal. This, we admit is not the toughest, scratch proof  material for a dive watch expected to be subjected to rough use. But  then, the Orient Blue Mako looks more like a dress watch, although it is  water resistant up to 200m depth.
Fluorescent  paint adorns the markers and the hands. While this may work great in  bright light, the luminescence does not last very long at night. A  visually attractive striking blue dial with white markers and hands give  a great deal of clarity to the Orient Blue Mako Mens watch, without  being overbearing or garish.

An Orient automatic movement powers the Blue Orient mako diver watch.  Accurate timekeeping is one of the features of Orient watches and the  Blue Mako lives up to the expectation. Orient of Japan makes all the  watch movements in-house, enabling them to keep a strict control over  the quality of the watch parts. Since it is an automatic watch, all you  need do is wear it regularly to keep it charged up for action. However,  there is no facility for winding the watch should it stop working. But,  if you simply move your wrist, the watch will begin working to show the  correct time.
Stunning  looks and an exceptional design are carried forward to the bracelet of  the Orient Blue Mako Mens watch. The bracelet and clasp are well made  with stainless steel brushed top and bottom with polished edges. It is a  sturdy bracelet that can withstand rough use.

However, the best part is that Orient automatic watches isextremely affordable. It is priced below $150 and for the features  and stunning looks, we would say it is a highly reasonable price; you  certainly get your money's worth. The Orient Blue Mako has companion  models which come in orange, black, red and a yellow dial.