Orient automatic dive watch

Superlative Orient Diver's Automatic Watches

11/08/2014 12:48

Automatic Orient WatchesThere’s a reason (actually, quite a few but here we take them as one) why Orient’s diver series is considered one of the top choices for professionals and fashionistas alike and no, price is not the thing though a vital point in making the consideration. Orient cuts the price – not the quality – in fact, some of their Diver watches have an equivalent construction, materials and as a result, performance to outweigh many of the costlier varieties without even bending a finger. The best part is Orient always tries to get them better without altering the prices (even if it is, it’s just a wee bit), thus stretching their limits and finding newer ones every time.

Durability and precision with real tight-lipped water-resistance, these factors combine in every Orient Diver’s automatic watch to make you fell relaxed at the face of even the nastiest underwater conditions. So you get to enjoy the vacation you are going for by the seaside fully, without worrying about a dead watch in the middle to spoil the entire show. The superlative Orient Diver’s automatic watches are built to be as long lasting as the seaside sweet memories and that’s one reason why your memories shall be that way.

Made to withstand a broad range of underwater usage, the Orient star automatic watches are also an apt fit for the up-market fashion streets (and office wear, too!) so that you can go straighaway from your cubicle to the ocean or to the pool side without leaving your peace of mind back home. With an Orient automatic Diver, you carry it wherever you go. Yes, even on the mountains and to great heights! Especially, if its something as strong as an Orient M-Force!

All Orient automatic Divers qualify as your insurance against abrupt incidences, let that be breakage or halting (there are massive power reserves, often running over 40 hours) at the most crucial moments. The screwdown crowns ensure not even a single drop of water gets into the mechanism and makes you go wrong on your oxygen reserves and the amazingly bright lumes make sure you get to see the time brightly in murky environments. Underwaters turn into fun for Orient offers the protection!

So where do you start? The Orient calendar watch is almost always the first choice of any person buying his first mechanical watch; the next step is – without a speck of doubt – is the M-Force. Both are sturdy and beautiful; with the M-Force, you get bit more of the tough look. It’s the upper range of Orient Diver automatics and has added features – such as shock and magnetism protection that a Mako won’t give. Also Titanium, hack feature and manual-winding, something Orient lacked formerly.