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Swatch Irony Diaphane Full-Blooded Chronograph Svck4032G Unisex Watch

06/09/2016 17:38

Swatch Irony DiaphaneSWATCH designs for fashion; for the urban men and women who seek unique style within a limited budget but without stressing their budgets too hard. The SWATCH Irony Full-Blooded chronograph watch is a striking example of what SWATCH can do to make you stand out in the crowd and get conversations started almost immediately.

The name Diaphane comes from the word diaphanous, which means, so thin as to transmit light. The Irony Diaphane holds true to its name but do not be mistaken that the translucent plastic case is vulnerable to shocks and impacts. It has been built to keep parity with the stainless steel bracelet and the combination offers a unique touch to this modern outlook.

The dial of the watch features indices made from white glass, which gives the face a clean, minimalist look. The sub dials are also very much proportional, bringing it a relaxed look instead of making it appearing busy. The scratch resistant glass is a mineral crystal; not only does it resist scratches more efficiently but also withstands sudden blows and impacts with ease. That means, it is safe from everyday wear and tear. Inside, there’s a Swiss ETA quartz movement that’s not only precise, robust and accurate but also low in power consumption. End result is a watch that runs on a standard battery longer than others.

The Swatch Irony Windfall Full-Blooded chronograph is going to please them who do not want a conventional looking piece to wear yet want to avoid a funky look. The neutral-coloured plastic takes care of that while the gold toned accents on the bezel and the bracelet brings an air of elegance to the whole package. It is designed to come at a cheap price and not a cheap look. Yet, you can use it as a disposable watch that can be used with formal and semi-casual dressing. In fact, the possibilities it run regarding pairing with the right apparel are seemingly endless in variety.

It’s surprising how lightweight a man-size watch with a fairly large case can be! This is going o suit the taste of those who do not want to wear a dinner plate or a hockey-puck on their wrists but still want practical features at a throwaway price. The chronograph (or, stopwatch) is spot-on accurate and extraordinarily responsive in its function and the readings are highly legible. Fun or business, it can be used for both the purposes.

To sum up, this moderately sized fun watch is a lot of shine for anyone looking for a functional piece of accessory that’s tough and accurate but sophisticated enough to fit into a busy city life and for which, one doesn’t have to compromise on the design. It’s more on the functional side than on the frivolous!