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Timex Intelligent Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph Quartz T2N700 Men’s Watch

07/04/2018 11:59

Timex Intelligent Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph Quartz T2N700 Men’s WatchWith a brand like Timex, nothing can possibly go wrong. More so with the Timex Intelligent Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph Quartz T2N700 Men’s Watch; it’s one among the most worn Timex pieces. Not many got mixed sentiments about it; the Intelligent Quartz is a good idea that has been executed well through its retrograde sub-dials and a chronograph mechanism. The retrograde dials here are reserved for the minutes and hour display when you put the chronograph into use.

What fun is that? – You might ask. It is all about a cool visual potential albeit a less than normal slow motion but given that the dial appears a bit busy - the Timex logo, a date window, the Arabic numerals and the four hands remain responsible – it is well tolerated by most.

The 4 o’clock is the retrograde-minutes display, which stays inert most of the times and comes to life once you engage the chronograph. The 11 o’clock sub-dial indicates time in the 24-hour format and also the chronograph display that can run for a max span of 4 hours. It’s a fly-back chronograph that restarts timer function while staying engaged, without the need for a restart before re-engaging. It is a major time saver, more responsive and allows more accurate measurement for time-trial events and games. It is a stark contrast to the usual chronographs that come at this price range and can usually record not more than an hour at a stretch.

Upon engaging the chronograph function, the fourth-hand starts counting second in 1/5th-second increments while the 4 o’clock minutes-display crawls towards counting 10-minutes. Press the top pusher to stop the chronograph; press it again to restart the chronograph from where it paused. To restart things from the beginning, press the bottom pusher. The regular timekeeping is maintained by the hands as they sweep back into place, right where they should belong and without compromising accuracy. The chapter ring around the dial is the tachymeter with which you can calculate the speed at which an object is moving or its estimated time of arrival over a certain distance.

The Timex Watches for Men makes for a comfortable wear, for which, both its shape (including that of the caseback) and strap material are responsible. The Indiglo shines bright and the overall quality is as good as it should be. And the flyback and the retrograde are bound to grab you if you are looking for some spectacular functions without paying too much.

Bottom line: It’s inexpensive; got a spectacular look, offers a high level of quality and user satisfaction, the quintessential American spirit speaks trough the Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch. Its proprietary backlight technology, Indiglo is one of its kind and stands as an ultimate example of how backlighting should be done!