Orient automatic dive watch

Very Affordable & Extremely Reliable Orient Diver Watches

08/14/2014 13:09

Orient Scuba Diver Mens WatchAffordability or reliability, it’s impossible to beat an Orient diver. The widespread mindset is ‘more, the merrier’ but Orient Diver watches defy that logic, to the point it would give Mr. Spock a brain hemorrhage. But question remains: Which is going to suit you?

You are reading this means you don’t need spoonfeeding. So here are tidbits on some of the most highly demanded Orient Divers. And by Jove, they keep up with demands! Let’s help you choose your piece.

a. Orient Mako: Grew popular during the mid-2000 and is currently the most sought-after Orient series. Mako’s affordability and reliability surpasses far costlier watches in the market today; it’s not its price that made it an absolute classic. There are more takers for Orient Mako among the budding collectors and enthusiasts today all over the world, other than professional scuba divers and sportsmen. That’s because of the Mako’s quintessential nature as a diver’s watch, undeniably stunning, handsome, dashing and sporty. There’s a color to suit your every mood, with the same robust in-house movement (caliber 46943) beating inside. It’s one of Orient’s first movements and a 100 million has already been manufactured. 40 years of reliability ready to go for atleast another 40.

b. Orient Ray: It’s the best alternative for Mako, but no lesser. Its unidirectional bezel, the solid construction, a 200m water resistance and the in-house automatic movement is same as that of the Mako; only that the Mako got Arabic numerals while the Ray features indexes. This makes for easy reading apart from changing esthetic features. The lume in the Ray is fantastic; brightness or longevity, it plain rocks!

c. M-FORCE: A sports watch per se, it’s around since 1997 and ‘M’ here stands for mechanical. That makes it a mechanical watch, expressing forcefulness. However, the new M-FORCE has a newly developed, better mechanical movement with the diver watch properties inherited from its predecessors. Marked by a smart and rugged design, it is an ideal tool for scuba diving as much as rock climbing and certified with ISO standards. Superb design, a high functionality - it doubles up as an ideal daily wear too. There is also a limited edition to it – the Orient diver watches for Womens, introduced as a symbol of Orient’s pathronage to Subaru Tecnica International Inc. It has carbon fibre as one of its building materials; meets ISO standards (water resistance, shock resistance and anti-magnetism) and runs on a self-/hand-winding, seconds-hacking automatic movement, this one’s also built in-house.

d. Pro Saturation: Based on the classic saturation diver, this 2013 watches diver blend style with utility. Its distinct quality speaks from the 40N5A caliber in-house movement as much as from its solid stainless steel construction. And this might delight you: Unlike many of the Orient Mechanical Watch from Orient, this one allows hand-winding and hacking.

e. ORIENT ORCA: These form the Orient CEM76 series and a new intro to the Orient Divers Collection. Made for recreational water sports and casual wearing, it’s a distinctive watch with a comfortable weight and a very high readability.